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Jebsen Logistics employs modern IT solutions that support various choices of warehouse management systems, each catering to a different levels of operational volumes and complexity. 

In order to provide efficient and high-quality warehousing services to valued customers, Jebsen Logistics has fully implemented a powerful and feature-rich warehouse management system to achieve the highest levels of accuracy, effectiveness and control of warehouse operations. 

Advanced functionalities include:
- Receiving, cross-docking, value-added processing, quality assurance, merge-in-transits, flow-through
- Putaway, order management, picking, packing, shipping, returns processing and inventory control/visibility
- Systematic FIFO / LIFO / FEFO control
- Fully supported wireless radio-frequency handheld devices

Integration with various systems used by customers is also possible. In-house IT experts will conduct requirement research and propose the best solution for your consideration.


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